19 July 2009

J Gumbo's

Downtown's Gay Street restaurant corridor just got a little spicier with the addition of J Gumbo's. The small Louisville-based chain opened this Tuesday.

Gulf Coast cuisine is traditionally vegetarian unfriendly. J Gumbo's, however, features three vegetarian entrees and a vegetarian appetizer.

The three big bowl selections are Garden Creole, white chili and bumblebee stew. The appetizer is bumblebee stew with blue cheese and tortilla chips. Unfortunately, they do not have a vegetarian po' boy at this time.

Bumblebee stew is a New Orleans classic with yellow corn and black beans representing the colors of the bee. It's held together with tomato, green onion, rice and a mildly spicy butter base. I escaped for $6 with a fountain drink.

According to the Web site, the entrees are $3 after 3 pm with the purchase of a beverage. The menu trumpets Louisiana beers, which I imagine will be Abita and Dixie. Gumbo's is open Monday through Saturday from 11-10.

J Gumbo's

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