18 July 2009

Mama Mimi's

Mama Mimi's is both a blessing and a curse. For every positive characteristic (cheap prices, local ingredients) there is need for a glaring caveat (you have to bake the pizza yourself).

That being said, the regular coupons and specials are enough to weight the scale strongly in favor of the positive side of the equation.

There are coupons on the Web site, and there is also an email newsletter that features specials like the one I tried. For a grand total of $11, I got a large cheese pizza with honey wheat crust, a small Baby B (garlic olive oil sauce, organic arugala, tomato, marinated mushrooms, yellow corn, parmesan and mild blue cheese) and breadsticks.

The honey wheat crust is the better of the two crust choices. It is full flavored with a sweet finish. Both styles cook up very crispy and cracker thin. Mama Mimi's pizza is a similar style crust to the tavern cut pies that define Buckeye state pizza.

The toppings are far superior to the crust. The blue cheese was mild and added an extra kick to an already tasty pizza. Along with the tomatoes, the cheese also added a vibrant acidity to the flavor profile. The mushrooms are not canned. The corn adds a subtly intriguing element to the flavor profile. The garlic comes through strongly on the finish.

The breadsticks cook quickly. I would recommend cooking them on the lower end of the recommended time if you want softer bread. You can cook them for 10 minutes if you prefer crispier breadsticks.

There are a number of other vegetarian options on the menu, including many signature vegetarian pies. There are also salads and vegetarian lasagna.

I went to the Grandview location inside of Gentile's. There are currently three locations with plans to open three more stores soon.

Although I disdain having to cook my own pizza after picking it up, the 99 cent specialty pizza deal with free breadsticks was too good to pass up. It's hardly the best pizza money can buy, but you'd be hard pressed to spend $11 better on dinner for three.

Mama Mimi's


Kate said...

Frankly, the "bake at home" element of Mama Mimi's is a plus to us. I'd rather my order be ready more quickly and bake my pizza at home, because then I get a piping hot dinner. Otherwise, I'm stuck burning the tops of my legs off in the car-ride home after waiting a half-hour to go get our pie, and after all of that, the pizza is never as hot as we'd want it.

deraj1013 said...

It works well for some reasons, less so for others. I know a few people who are simply too lazy to cook pizza after picking it up. Either way though, I'm up for getting two pizzas and breadsticks for $11.