21 November 2009

Gross Vegan Thanksgiving Options

I applaud vegetarian and vegan options for all kinds of products. Sometimes it's necessary to provide faux-meat items so newbie vegetarians can make an easy transition to an herbivorous lifestyle.

That being said, the idea of
Tofurky and Gravy soda by Jones makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

In response to the popular-but-even-more-disgusting Turkey and Gravy soda that Jones releases most Thanksgivings, Jones now has a Tofurky and Gravy drink for those who can't stomach actual bird-flavored beverages.

Honestly, I may be going out on a limb here, but I've never been a big fan of
Tofurky. Their vegan hot dogs are good, but the gummy faux-turkey always has tasted funky and unpleasant to me.

My recommendation would be to buy the soda and use it for a decorative conversation piece. Or buy it and drink it on a dare. Either way, don't say I didn’t warn you.

If nothing else, you can feel good about yourself since Jones donates a $1 of each purchase to PAWS. Even if the flavor is frightening, you can still feel warm and fuzzy inside because of your generously charitable nature.


Rachel said...

Yea, I'm a vegetarian and would much rather have a vegetable entree made recognizable ingredients than a tofurky. And the soda....I can't understand that one bit.

deraj1013 said...

Right. I live in perpetual fear of Tofurky, and I might actually physically run away from Tofurky soda. Jones has crazy flavors, but this is one of the craziest!

Kate said...

Tofurkey is actually really good, at least the roast that my husband and I buy from Trader Joes (best price around, by far). It comes filled with stuffing and has a tub of gravy. You roast it with a basting sauce they give you a recipe for, and it's best if you roast it with cut up potatoes, onions and carrots, which keep it moist and then make a good side. I don't tend to push meat substitutes on people, but the Tofurkey roast is really delicious and everyone that I've encouraged to try it has enjoyed it.

deraj1013 said...

Honestly, I've just never been a huge proponent of fake meats. I know some people who adore Tofurky. I'm not one of those people.

No matter how much you like Tofurky, though, you have to admit that tofurky soda is pretty scary.