06 November 2009

Rad Dog sneak peak

Last night, I went to Hal and Al's, my go-to neighborhood bar, to watch the new episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I was treated to a sneak peak of the new indoor Rad Dog menu in the meantime as an unexpected surprise.

I reviewed Rad Dog before, and I've posted about the vegan hot dog cart about 12,000 times on this blog. With the glut of new hot dog establishments popping up in and around the Capital City, Rad Dog stands out by offering fare that is comforting and completely vegan.

The old standards are still available. The Rad Dog (peppers, onions and kraut), the Cowabunga (vegan coney) and Luna Burger (an Ohio veggie burger) are still on the menu.

However, there are also new delicious creations made to satiate that which makes you salivate. The coolest one is the Rad-neck, a deep-fried, battered veggie brat topped with mashed potatoes and vegan gravy. It is a hugely satisfying combination of seasonal flavors.

I also don't remember the house-made corn dog at the Rad Dog cart, although it has been a few months since I last ate at the street cart location. The breading is thick and crispy, and it is delightful. The corn dog looks small, but the batter is coated so thickly, it is actually very filling.

The sloppy joe dog was also very good. Imagine a coney topped with vegan sloppy joe rather than chili, and you're basically there. It was a great combination of two comfort food staples.

There are also side dishes available, including vegan mac and cheese. I'll be swinging in with my better camera to test out more of the menu tonight during the grand opening.

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