03 July 2010

Bollywood Bistro

Bollywood Bistro is the latest addition to the ethnic dining scene on the Northwest side. It is a small restaurant that offers tons of options for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Bollywood Bistro is focused on quality, yet the prices are very reasonable. The lunch buffet clocks in at less than $9, and comes with naan.

The dal makhani was delicious. It was made with a darker lentil than is typical of this dish, and it imparted a faint smokiness to the flavor profile.

The mushroom mutter was also fantastic. The mushrooms were cooked to a tender consistency, and they made a great foil to the peas and the spicy curry base.

The saag paneer was made with soft cubes of cheese and spinach. It was mild and had a great depth of flavor.

The pakoras were also great. There were both vegetable pakoras made of a variety of veggies combined into a patty, as well as onion-ring-like onion pakoras. The chick pea batter was thick and crunchy, making both pakoras succeed.

The korma was a creamy combination of paneer, nuts, and spices, including turmeric and cumin. It was rich and savory, with subtle cashew notes bursting through between hints of onion and butter.

The potato dish (aloo methi, I think) was a spicy. It was made with cubed potato, fenugreek and garlic. The crispy potatoes add a nice touch to the preparation.

The sambhar was probably the most disappointing item I tried. The vegetables included potato and okra, which looked great to me. The flavor, however, was one dimensional and not exciting.

I was also not impressed by the chutneys. The mint chutney had a fairly processed character and a ghostly color, almost like it was made from concentrate or purchased in bulk. While the most everything I sampled was carefully prepared and executed, the chutney seemed like an afterthought.

The walls of the restaurant are adorned with Bombay cinema posters. The service was very attentive.

Overall, Bollywood Bistro has potential. The new venture from one of the owners of Sher-E-Punjab is worth checking out.

Bollywood Bistro

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