09 July 2010


Lynnally's is the latest to set up shop in the space that housed Deli in the Alley and the Sandwich Stop off Pearl Alley. The menu features sandwiches, pasta, potatoes and salads, and it provides plenty of variety for the Downtown crowd.

The decor is Lynnally's is not markedly different from the previous tenants. Service is relatively fast.

Although Lynnally's serves both breakfast and dinner, there are not vegetarian breakfast items on the menu. Vegetarian lunch options include a veggie sandwich, a garlic butter baked potato, a pasta primavera, fettuccine alfredo, and many salads, including a build-your-own salad.

The veggie sub carries the ostentatious designation "the World's Tastiest Veggie Sub." Despite its self-congratulatory nomenclature, the interesting combination of fresh ingredients makes the sandwich succeed. A white sub roll is stuffed with cucumber, tomato, mushroom, peppers, asparagus, red onion and artichoke hearts. It then has Swiss cheese melted on top with a roasted red pepper aioli. The veggies, especially the asparagus and the sauteed mushrooms, add great textures and flavors to a delicious sandwich. While the jury might be out on whether this sandwich is the best ever, it's safe to call it a pretty damned good veggie sub.

The potato was also excellent. It is cooked to a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, and the garlic and butter add extra layers of satisfying flavor.

With varied choices on the menu at Lynnally's, the place should provide a decent array of choices for vegetarians. They keep traditional Downtown Columbus business hours (Monday through Friday, breakfast and lunch).


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queenbea said...

614 Restaurant Week is this week, right? Have you hit anything up? Anything on your must-do list?

deraj1013 said...

It is. Unfortunately, I'm out of town this week enjoying the dining experiences in Chicago. It appears I'm going to miss this edition of restaurant week. Maybe next time. (I didn't look at the menus because I was a little mad I was out of town).

It's not so much a Restaurant Week place, but from what I've seen, the new place Knead that is in a soft opening stage right now looks like it has a lot of potential. I know I'll be there sometime soon.