20 July 2010


iCream is an ice cream parlor that turns up the heat (or turns it down, depending on your perspective) by making dessert with liquid nitrogen. The format lets you build-your-own ice cream, yogurt or sorbet with a choice of milk, flavors, toppings and colors.

Since I watch every food-related program on television, from the Food Network to the Cooking Channel, as well as foodie shows on Bravo, the Learning Channel and the PBS stations, I was familiar with iCream. I first saw iCream in an episode of Chefs vs. City on the Food Network.

Vegetarians have the option of building ice cream from a soy milk base. I chose a soy milk chocolate peanut butter Butterfinger cookie dough ice cream. The staff prepared my order behind glass, mixing, freezing and serving it in less than five minutes.

If my combo doesn't look good, there are plenty of other flavor options available. The liquid nitrogen preparation adds a molecular-gastronomy accent to the flavor and texture of summer.


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