21 September 2010

Graffiti Burger

Graffiti Burger is a better-than-fast-food burger joint from Columbus filling the void that comes from In-and-Out Burger's unwillingness to expand eastward (and occupying the locations not currently housing Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants). There are Graffiti Burgers in Dublin, Pickerington and Grandview, with plans to expand to Old North Columbus soon.

The Grandview location seats about 40 inside with additional patio seating. The decor is graffiti-themed and loud.

Although Graffiti Burger is a burger place, they do have a veggie burger. Granted, the veggie burger is prepared on the same grill as all the other not-veggie burgers, so easily offended vegetarians and vegans should probably pass Graffiti Burger up. However, if you're willing to suspend disbelief by ignoring what goes on behind the scenes, Graffiti Burger makes a pretty tasty veggie burger.

The menu at Graffiti Burger is pretty simple: burgers, fries and shakes. Fries come in 1/4-lb, 1/2-lb and full-pound portions. Shakes come in chocolate and vanilla.

There are ample toppings available for the veggie burger. Free toppings run the gamut from ketchup, mustard, mayo, barbecue sauce, cole slaw, tomato, grilled onions and hot peppers to cheeses that include American, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone and Swiss. Premium toppings include blue cheese, roasted red pepper, sauteed mushrooms and guacamole.

The veggie burger patty is made with a variety of vegetables and has delicious black beans throughout. It is crumbly in texture. The bun is big and soft. The standard veggie burger is topped with provolone cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and Graffiti sauce (a spicy mayonnaise cocktail). The combo paired well with the guacamole.

The fries are thick and mildly seasoned. They were fried to a medium texture that was neither gummy nor crispy, and served with ketchup and vinegar.

The chocolate shake is malty and comes with whipped cream and a cherry. It is thick and somewhat viscous, requiring a steadfast commitment to drink.

Graffiti Burger's veggie burger is better-than-passable in quality. Prices slightly expensive, but through a variety of toppings, the quality of experience is improved upon.

Graffiti Burger

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laura said...

FYI, I contacted Graffiti Burger and asked if the veggie burger was vegan and they said it has eggs in it. :(

Unrelated: I'm really glad I stumbled onto your blog. :)

deraj1013 said...

Yeah, since they're a burger place, I doubt vegan is the first of their concerns. Plus it comes topped with cheese. Although it's pretty good for ovo-lacto vegetarians who get roped into eating here with their friends.

Thanks for the compliments!