24 September 2010


Loops is a new casual faux-Greek restaurant in Upper Arlington. The menu is small and gyro-focused, but the limited vegetarian choices are well made and delicious.

The concept of Loops is loosely based on Chicago's subway system. There are a veggie wrap, spanakopita, hummus, baba ghannoush, feta dip, tzatziki, fries and a couple of salads on the menu.

I'm always vaguely suspicious of a place that only has one vegetarian sandwich. It almost seems to me like these places throw veggie options on the menu as an afterthought. This is not the case at Loops.

The veggie wrap consists of a warm pita stuffed with griddled peppers, onions, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrots and lettuce with a choice of sauces that include tzatziki, hotziki (spicy cucumber dip), baba, hummus or feta dip. The veggies were perfectly cooked, and the wrap turned out perfectly.

The hummus had hints of garlic and citrus. It was served with warm pita bread. Overall, the hummus was somewhat pedestrian and unspectacular.

The fries, on the other hand, were great. They were fried crispy and sprinkled with a blend of herbs and cheeses. The fries were fried to a perfect consistency and burst with flavor.

Loops offers fast-casual service. The inside of the restaurant is accented with metal and decorated with televisions. There is ample outdoor patio seating.

Prices at Loops are inexpensive. While there aren't scores of options for vegetarian diners, the few choices are surprisingly successful.


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amanda77kr said...

You were right - those fries are ten kinds of awesome! I enjoyed the veggie wrap as well. Wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't seen the veggie option on your blog.

deraj1013 said...

Glad to be of service!