06 September 2010

Nazareth Restaurant and Deli

Nazareth Restaurant and Deli is a Mediterranean establishment in the plaza adjacent to the international smorgasbord that is Columbus Square. Nazareth features many vegetarian options that are freshly prepared in successful fashion.

Nazareth has been in Columbus in one form or another for 20 years. The menu features rice dishes, dips, and a fantastic maza, a plate of veggies, feta and harissa which adds extra accents to hummus, baba ghannoush and sandwiches. There are also Mediterranean dishes like tabbouli and grape leaves.

I started out with the mixed hummus/baba combo. It was served with pita triangles, and when the maza platter veggies and harissa were added to the mix, it worked out beautifully. The hummus is light with citrus accents, and the baba is smoky, earthy and complex. The harissa adds an intense spiciness to everything it dresses.

The Greek salad is a mix of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, black olives, banana peppers and feta cheese in a dill-accented Greek dressing. The salad adds a nice element to a meal at Nazareth.

The falafel sandwich is also excellent. The falafel is crispy with a deep green color. It rests atop a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, tahini, hummus and a bit of harissa I saved from the maza platter.

The food at Nazareth is very good. Prices are a touch higher than the typical neighborhood Mediterranean eatery, but the quality of the fare allows this to appear fair.

Nazareth has a full bar. Interestingly enough, the restaurant decor is a sports bar. There are televisions throughout the dining room, all tuned to sports programming. My favorite decoration is the illustration of a Jewish person, an Arab and a Christian sharing a hookah on the bar wall. Service is prompt and capable.

Nazareth Restaurant and Deli

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Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

My parents live in Minerva Park, just around the corner from Nazareth. It's a favorite take out place of ours. I haven't yet eaten in the new location - the building used to be a Chili's.

deraj1013 said...

I'm in the other boat...I never went to the old location. The interior of the new spot definitely has the feel of a chain-type restaurant, although the decor is all original.