28 September 2010

The Pickle

The Pickle is a deli in Downtown Columbus. The place generates a feeling of deja vu in that it formerly was a Quiznos, and now it operates as a sort of bizarro renegade Quiznos.

There are subtle differences between the menus at Quiznos and the menu at the Pickle. The Pickle doesn't have the Torpedos and Bullets that Quiznos does, but both offer toasted subs in three sizes. The Pickle offers pita sandwiches, The salad and soup options are similar.

The ingredient list for the veggie sub at the Pickle is identical to that from Quiznos. The Pickle also offers a plain cheese sandwich that Quiznos does not.

The veggie sub pairs well with the tomato basil soup, which is also vegetarian. The veggies on the sub are cut a little thicker than its Quiznos doppelganger. The wheat bread is not as pleasant as its white counterpart. The cup of soup was pleasant. Overall, the Pickle is a decent lunch option that is a little more expensive that typical fast food, and maybe it's a little better. If you like Quiznos, I'm sure you'd also like the Pickle.

For pescatarians, there are a few items like the lobster club at Pickles that are not a Quiznos menu item. Prices are comparable to Quiznos, with plenty of combo options for chips, salads, soups and drinks. The Pickle also makes open-faced breakfast sandwiches, including an egg and cheese sandwich and an egg and veggie sandwich.

The Pickle

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