14 February 2011

La Bamba

While wandering around the Ohio State campus at 2 in the morning on your fourth or 44th beer, it sometimes requires a gut-busting nightcap to take the edge off the next morning's hangover. La Bamba provides this relief in the form of burritos the size of your head.

Diners can dine in or order to go. La Bamba's decor is campy, and the service is brisk and friendly.

La Bamba's menu for vegetarians includes lard-free refried beans, quesadillas, tacos, tortas, nachos and three sizes of burritos. But you don't want to be a wimp. You want to impress your drinking buddies by ordering the football-sized super burrito.

The vegetarian burrito is made with a choice of black and pinto beans, Mexican rice, peppers, onions, tomatoes, crema and cheese. Adding avocados is a nice touch that lends the burritos a fat, savory flavor. The salsas are fresh and deceptively spicy.

Orders are prepared at the counter in full view of diners (a la Chipotle). It's difficult to spend more than $10 at La Bamba.

La Bamba isn't the best or the most authentic Mexican fare. It is, however, a fantastic way to end a night after a heroic bout of binge drinking.

La Bamba

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