01 February 2011

Los Guachos

Taco trucks have become one of Columbus' hottest foodie trends over the past few years. The popularity has increased so much that Los Guachos has added a brick-and-mortar restaurant to supplement its mobile food operation.

The specialty of Los Guachos' food truck is tacos el pastor (think Mexican shawarma), an item that might not appeal to vegetarians. The restaurant, however, has a vegetarian burrito and a veggie quesadilla on the menu, allowing vegetarians to enjoy the taste of authentic Mexican fare.

There is seating for about 30 inside Los Guachos. Diners can enjoy television broadcasting Mexican music videos and soccer games. Los Guachos is also set up for take-out business.

The vegetarian burrito is made with red and green peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. The griddled veggies give the burrito great flavor, and the crema adds a mouth-watering savory character to a Mexican classic. Los Guachos' burritos are normal size as opposed to its domestic cousin, the Mission-style burrito.

The salsas and condiments at the table add layers of flavor to an already tasty burrito. The habanero salsa has a faint sweetness and a roasted character. The salsa verde is dynamite. It is missing the vegetal character that can ruin this sauce, and it replaces the under-ripe flavor with spicy peppers and onions that make this a great addition to the burritos. The pickled onions are also excellent.

Finding vegetarian fare at the taco trucks can sometimes be a tricky proposition. Winter weather can also limit a taco truck's ability to operate. Los Guachos does a great job of eliminating both of these obstacles.

Los Gauchos

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Dusty said...

Just ate there last night. It's some seriously good food.

Anonymous said...

I just want to correct the name is "LOS GUACHOS" ... authentic mexican food.

deraj1013 said...

Thanks...my Spanish is a little rusty. I was thinking it was an Argentine cowboy, but it's an orphan.

Anonymous said...

Veggie burrito, is just like the one Baja Fresh used to make.