23 February 2011

Juergen's Bakery and Restaurant

Juergen's Bakery and Restaurant is an intimate, old fashioned German bakery conveniently located in German Village. Amidst the Bavarian classics, Juergen's offers up a couple of meatless entrees, sides and baked goods to showcase how vegetarians are embraced by Teutonic cuisine.

Upon walking through the door, diners are first met by a bakery case filled with cakes, cream puffs and other pastries designed to irritate your doctor but delight your dentist. Another bakery benefit for diners is the ample, endless bread basket that came with bread rolls, whole grain nut bread, a cheese roll and a few other savory bread and butter packets.

Vegetarian items on the menu include the spƤtzle and red cabbage sides as well as the spinach and cheese strudel and the mixed veggie strudel. While portions are small, prices are inexpensive (under $7 for both strudels). Diners who want to get stuffed should gorge themselves on the bread basket and order a side.

The veggie strudel was topped with sauteed carrots, green onions, potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage with a dill accented sauce. The flaky pastry binds the vegetables together nicely.

Service is leisurely. A member of staff was playing art songs on the in-house piano. There is seating for about 30 people at Juergen's.

My camera battery died, and most of these photos came out less than stellar. There are much better pictures of food (including non-vegetarian items) here.

Juergen's German Bakery

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Anonymous said...

hey man, great piece. I've been to Juergen's myself; it's great - well worth the visit. I believe it's the only place in German Village which is actually run by Germans!

When I went the service was excellent. The woman was super friendly, and the food was delicious. I'm not even German, but I kept going back until I moved away.