08 February 2011

Pita House

Pita House is an inexpensive Mediterranean take-out in Bexley. The menu is small, but it offers plenty of options for vegetarians because of its Middle Eastern focus.

The Bexley area has two Mediterranean restaurants. Pita House is different from Aladdin's in that the menu is smaller and less expensive at Pita Hut. It's nearly impossible to spend $10 at Pita House. Pita Hut lacks the less authentic fare (pita pizzas and chili) at Aladdin's and instead focuses on the nuts and bolts of Middle Eastern cuisine.

All of the appetizers at Pita House are vegetarian. Choices include hummus, baba, tabouli, Jerusalem salad, matbuka, grape leaves, fried eggplant and fried zucchini.

The hummus was smooth with subtle hints of garlic, citrus and olive oil. While it was excellent, it should have been served with two pitas rather than one because it's tough for one pita to scoop up the chickpea dip. I ended up using a couple of fries to grab the leftover bits of hummus that were remained after the pita bread was depleted.

The falafel sandwich is large. About five falafel balls are tossed in a tahini dressing atop a lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle base inside a whole pita. It is a well made sandwich that is rather filling.

There is a limited selection of desserts available at Pita House. The dining room can seat about 30 people. The restaurant is brightly lit and clean.

Pita House

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Batarang said...

Pita House is near my workplace so I go at least once a week. My favorite thing to get is the Large Salad Plate where I can pick 5 salads. Usually I go with hummus, eggplant, 2 servings of tabouli, and jerusalem. Occasionally I'll also get the 4-piece falafel. Everything is fresh no matter when I eat there. I also like the lemon juice condiment at each table...I always shake a judicious amount of it on all the salads.

I tried the lentil soup a couple weeks ago; while I prefer my lentil to be more heavily spiced like in Indian dishes, it still had a nice, earthy taste without a ton of salt.

deraj1013 said...

I have driven past the place many times. I'm glad I stopped in.