19 January 2008

Tria Greek Kuzina

Tria is located in Powell. There is only one reasonable way to get to Powell, and if it's rush hour, that way is a disaster. Despite the circa 1879 traffic design that makes the trip a bit of a headache, Tria is well worth the trip out to Powell.

Tria offers traditional Greek and other Mediterranean fare, prepared in an authentic fashion with high quality ingredients. There is saganaki (flaming cheese) exploding all over the place (and of course I had to try it to satisfy my inner pyro).

The vegetarian entrees are mostly Greek pasta dishes made with varying combinations of fresh vegetables, olive oil, garlic and feta or some other Greek cheese.

The wines are well chosen. The Rioja by the glass was a great value, with bright cherry fruit and a clean finish that grows as it lingers on the palate. The mixed drinks are also very good, with Three Olives flavors as the house plain and flavored vodkas.

Despite the treacherous wagon trail ride to Powell, Tria is worth the trip. Check out the photos below.


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Mike/Megan said...

Oh Tria... for years we swore that it has the BEST hummus and fries in the US. We were regulars and enjoyed the Spanakopita, eggplant and veggie pitas, and of course the hummus and fries. That is until one day we were told that the hummus was made with powered chicken fat. Yes... chicken fat in hummus!! We are still not sure if they were simply messing with us or if they were serious but we did find it weird that we could never figure out why their hummus tasted so different/good. I would like for someone else to ask Niko (the owner) if it is really true so we can know if it’s safe to eat again.

deraj1013 said...

Tria has closed.