07 January 2008

Lee's China Kitchen

Lee's China Kitchen is located adjacent to the abandoned City Center Mall. They proudly advertise that unlike the rest of downtown's last black hole of a mall, they are not going out of business. Lee's offers fast, no-nonsense food and prices that should help keep them afloat.

To be honest, Lee's is what it is...takeout Chinese made quickly enough to give you time to take a walk on the second half of your lunch break. It isn't four star food. It probably isn't tremendously healthy. But there are a fair number of vegetarian items priced in lunch portions for less than $7.

There are 14 vegetarian entrees on the menu. I tried the ma la tofu, which is more or less fried tofu slathered in a spicy brown sauce with a bed of steamed rice. I probably should have ordered something with more veggies, but the tofu was still crispy and flavorful.

The main reason to eat lunch at Lee's is the fact that from the time I sat down to the time I paid my bill, it took less than 25 minutes. This might not be grade A gourmet food or health nut cuisine, but it sure beats the tar out of eating at Wendy's or Chipotle or Subway or whatever other conglomerated food dump you spend your lunch budget on.

Check out the pictures, skip out on your next appointment with Quizno's and try some of Lee's vegetarian offerings for lunch.

Lees China Kitchen

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