17 January 2008

The deraj1013 diet

Eat as much vegetarian food as you can. Drink beer while doing cardio with a steep incline on the treadmill. Repeat as necessary (and I named this diet plan, so 85 years from now, when every numbnuts on the planet is blindly following my dietary manifesto rather than Atkins or South Beach or Jenny Craig, you'll know which crackpot to credit). Wearing a sweater while exercising is optional but very recommended to complete the joke.


i. allen sums said...


The diet is great.
But add in some Insulin and it would be even better. You could write a book to sit in the nutrition and fitness section. Then sell your supplements(beer and insulin) at GNC. You wouldn't have to worry about dissatisfied customers cause they'd either end up drunk or dead.

I hope this comment is not offensive, if it is I apologize for my foolishness. diabetes is no laughing matter. but i did think of you when I was reading my bodybuilding nutrition book and there was an entire chapter on insulin. =]

Anonymous said...

You don't see many argyle sweaters on the treadmill anymore. It's a shame really. This new generation just doesn't care enough to dress respectable for a workout.

Deraj, love the blog. Didn't know you were in Columbus now, last I heard you were in Athens. I make it down Columbus every so often, I'll have to meet you out for a microbrew.

-Ttam Yenaled, co-founder of R.A.D.S.

deraj1013 said...

Boy, I'm glad I'm getting so much recognition for my workout plans. But definitely hit me up if you're in town...or just mock my Web site and the amount of time I waste online.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I guarantee you I waste more time online - hands down. I get the shakes when I'm away from the sweet, sweet, interweb for more than 5 minutes...