19 April 2008

Dragon One

Located at the corner of Parsons and Broad, Dragon One is a Chinese restaurant that frowns on vegetarians. The name, Dragon One, just about identifies the number of vegetarian items on the menu, making me one unhappy veggie.

Dragon One is a Chinese restaurant designed for take-out customers. They are open seven days per week for lunch and dinner, which is a rarity in 9am-3pm Monday through Friday realm of Downtown Columbus.

The menu offers four tofu items. Unfortunately, the tofu is polluted with shrimp in one dish, pork in another, and a varied assortment of dead animals in the third, leaving only one vegetarian tofu dish (Family Style Bean Curd) that was kindly identified for me by the staff. There are also stir fried vegetable dishes on the menu that would be best identified as standard Sino-American fare.

The vegetables were fresh. The bean curd came with broccoli, mixed mushrooms, baby corn and onions in a mild brown sauce with a rich, earthy flavor. The tofu was supposed to be fried medium crispy, but it turned out slightly greasy and chewy.

The hours at Dragon One are a plus for this establishment. The fact that the Dragon lives in range of area favorite the Happy Dragon (which, unlike Dragon One, delivers) could make it tricky for the long-term survival of the place if it ends up being the second best establishment in the area with Dragon in the name.

Dragon One


Anonymous said...

I live in that area and I often order tofu with seasame sauce or garlic sauce. the spicy garlic sauce is really good.

deraj1013 said...

Maybe I'll have to give it another try. I wasn't loving the place, though. Methinks I prefer Happy Dragon.

Loren said...

Not sure how you got a delivery from Happy dragon. I have called many, many times and each time I ask for delivery they always tell me no that they only deliver to Nationwide Children's Hospital. Happy Dragon is good but not the best. Peking Dynasty off college and Livingston avenue is better.

deraj1013 said...

For some reason, I've had the best luck with Chinese places on the outer reaches of the city (Hunan Lion) or in the 'burbs (Chi Thai). I'll have to check out Peking Dynasty (And I got Happy Dragon pick-up, not delivery).