06 April 2008

Happy Dragon

Happy Dragon is a no-nonsense Chinese take out joint in German Village. They offer fairly priced fare with a small selection of vegetarian items.

There is room to eat at Happy Dragon. Judging from the business while I was there, however, I'd guess that 90 percent of revenue comes from take out orders. The menu has veggie spring rolls, veggie tofu, spicy Szechuan tofu, spicy string beans and the ubiquitous vegetable delight for those dining in and those eating at work or home.

I tried the Szechuan tofu, which was deep fried tofu in a rich brown sauce with green peppers, carrots and mushrooms thrown in for good measure. The tofu was a little greasy, but the sauce was tasty and the vegetables were stir fried enough to soften them but not enough to give them a rubbery texture. Despite the minor shortcomings, for a grand total of $6, it was a pretty satisfying lunch.

There are definitely better quality Chinese options throughout the Columbus area. Lee's China Kitchen, which is barely a few minutes away, comes easily to mind. Some of my other favorites include Q2, Chi Thai and Bistro 86 (granted, all three are fusion spots; but they also all have Chinese roots). The benefit of Happy Dragon is that it is very cheap. Even Lee's, which does a brisk take out and lunch business, is a touch more expensive than the Happy Dragon.

If you have a taste for inexpensive Chinese food prepared on the fly, Happy Dragon should be right up your alley. Check out the pictures below.

Happy Dragon


Walker Evans said...

I love Happy Dragon. Used to live in walking distance from it, and I miss it now. :D

deraj1013 said...

I will admit...I could have spent $6 in a whole lot less productive ways.