03 April 2008

Sexy Veggies, Part 17

Hot on the heels of this blog's tenacious reporting on PETA's sexiest vegetarian next door, Maxim magazine has provided some healthy competition.

Maxim's newest Web pictorial is titled, "Our Sexiest Vegetarians." They got more than a few direct hits on this one. Kylie Bax is smoking. Rachel Leigh Cook is easy on the eyes. Meat might be the only thing Pam Anderson hasn't put in her mouth (but the vegetarian diet has treated her well anyway). Petra Nemcova is a little better than average. And vegetarianism has also helped Shanon Elizabeth recover well from the Charlie Sheen aftershock.

But they also missed a few winners. I wouldn't kick Carrie Underwood out of bed for eating meat (even though she hasn't since she was 13). Ashley Judd can eat whatever she wants as far as I'm concerned, and she's still a vegetarian. And I'm not gay, but if I were, the first vegetarian I would make love to would definitely be Prince. Granted, he'll be a hard sell in Maxim, but who cares anyway?

Despite all my criticism of the oversights, Maxim nailed one choice right on target. Natalie Portman is the sexiest vegetarian on this or any other planet. She always looks good enough to eat...and that's definitely a no-no no matter what degree of vegetarian or vegan you are.

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