01 April 2008

Pistacia Vera

I might have walked past Pistacia Vera 500 times while tooling around German Village without venturing inside. Maybe I was walking back to my car after eating at Katzinger's. Maybe I was hanging out with a friend. Maybe I was at the Book Loft. But I never got past the front door. Until yesterday.

Pistacia Vera bills itself as a dessert boutique. They specialize in the kind of desserts that embody the idea that less is more. By refining techniques and flavors, Pistacia Vera can offer adventurous creations that elevate a simple cookie to the level of a masterpiece.

The interior is arranged like a coffee shop. There is a small counter with all the desserts arranged behind it. There are also a few tables for those who want to sample some of the wares before they lug them home.

The macaroons are delightful. Rather than being a classic coconut (or almond) cookie, these macaroons come in flavors like raspberry rosewater, chocolate Earl Gray tea and caramel cream. They are light, airy and packed with intense, sweet fillings that have to be tasted to be believed.

There are also great cookies in larger sizes. I sampled the pistachio chocolate chip cookies. They were made with coarsely ground pistachios and giant soft chocolate chips.

Some of the other fine looking fare included guava glaces, sweet wine tea cookies, pistacio tupelo honey nougat, honey lemon madeleines and orange date rugelach.

Don't just walk past this place. It's well worth your time. Check out the pictures below if you don't believe me. I'll be grazing on macaroons cursing myself for not stopping in when I walked by on previous occasions.

Pistacia Vera

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deraj1013 said...

Warning: I'll have to see if the macaroons are made with marshmellows. It seems like the sneaky meat goblins are always sneaking animal products to my digestive track in new and creative ways.