26 July 2008

The best laid plans

I made a short trip to the Akron/Canton area with plans for top-notch vegetarian dining. Of course, I naturally got tied up with things and my plans were scrapped. I will utilize this opportunity to explain some good options for veggies in this neck of the woods (options which, under better circumstances, I would have planned for).

Lunch was supposed to be at V-Li's, a great Thai restaurant in the tiny hamlet of Canal Fulton. V-Li is named after V-Li Van Sickel. I know her from my childhood when I studied martial arts with her kids, who are about my age. Her food explodes with flavor, and the menu features tons of vegetarian options.

Of course I showed up 10 minutes after they closed for lunch (around 2:30). I had to settle for the vegetarian options from Casa Perez. The food was average, so I drowned my sorrows in a pitcher of margaritas.

I also missed the Saffron Patch in Akron, which I consider one of Ohio's top Indian restaurants. The quality is outstanding from the appetizers and breads to the entrees, which can be both familiar and richly exotic in nature. Like other Indian establishments, Saffron Patch is very vegetarian-friendly.

I did a terrible job eating in the 330 area code. Maybe next time I can eat somewhere better, like the aforementioned places. I might even give other quality vegetarian restaurants in the area (like Mustard Seed, VegiTerranean, Aladdin's, Bombay Sitar, Corky's Cafe, Gregory's Family Restaurant, Mulligan's Pub, and Sahara Grille) a try. Use this as a guide and avoid mediocre vegetarian eating in Stark and Summit counties.

Stark County

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