16 July 2008

Random vegetarian links

If you are a vegetarian who has to be stowed away in a small Ohio town, there are worse places to be sent than Athens, Ohio. Home of the Ohio University Bobcats, Athens is a college town with a decidedly hippie flair, and one of the fringe benefits to the patchouli set is that they create a need for plentiful vegetarian dining options. I'll place a few links with descriptions below for the best options in this Appalachian town.

  • Casa Nueva -- This cooperative features vegetarian items made with organic and sustainable produce. They infuse their own vodka and offer many micro brews on draft and in bottle. This place is a vegetarian Bobcat's best friend, and it also features menu options for their carnivorous companions.
  • Purple Chopstix -- This restaurant offers ethnic food from all over creation as a result of the establishment's owners working at every type of eatery under the sun. It's also BYOB, allowing you to bring your own refreshments to dinner.
  • Skipper's -- A cross between a sports bar and a West coast T.G.I. Friday's, Skipper's could also described as having tons of draft beer as well as a plethora of food for vegetarians. They get the extra A+ for marking all vegetarian items on the menu with a convenient "V."
  • Salaam -- They're moving over the summer, but Salaam produces excellent quality Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food in a cool environment, sometimes with accompanying belly dancers.

There are also a number of restaurants that aren't majority vegetarian that still offer great food for vegetarians, such as...

  • Stephen's -- A restaurant with Italian, Mediterranean, American, French, Spanish and Thai options, Stephen's will satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike.
  • 7 Sauces -- This place is in a similar vein as Stephen's. The food is better than it's college-geared neighbors. They probably aim for professors and parents on visiting weekends to generate most of their business.

There are also many fast food places aimed at those who eat food without a face.

  • Avalanche Pizza -- Avalanche Pizza makes the best pie in Ohio (sorry Hound Dog's and Adriatico's fanatics). They make vegetarian and vegan pizzas as well as a giant veggie sandwich that can be ordered with a pest dip that is absolutely delicious.
  • Big Mamma's Burritos -- The Veggie Mamma Grande is delicious, but be warned--if you remove the foil from the football-sized monstrosity, the giant burrito will explode.
  • Burrito Buggy -- This place is the answer for your lack-of-spare-time (or 3 am drunken haze) dining needs. Plan accordingly.
  • O'Betty's Red Hot -- Shhh!!! Don't let your meat-eating friends see you coming out of this hot dog joint. They might find out that O'Betty's makes vegetarian and vegan hot dogs.
  • Pita Pit -- Pita Pit makes massive stuffed pita sandwiches filled with a variety of items (I like falafel). They are also open fairly late.

There are a number of other cool places in town (Lui Lui, the Oak Room, Bagel Street Deli, The Union, Star of India, et al.). Check out 45701.com, various vegetarian sites and the local Web site as well as other channels for more information.

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7 Sauces is no more...sorry for the misinformation.