29 July 2008

Pearl Market

Economic downturns create a greater need for penny pinching. Whether it's a economic recession or a Gramm mental recession, markets might help the pocketbook by cutting out the middle man. If they don't, markets are still a fun way to shop for grocery items or to eat lunch.

Pearl Market thrives two days a week in Downtown Columbus. There are vegetable farmers, dairy and cheese artisans, bakers, artists, craftsmen, and people with a variety of other talents on the vendor list.

I can attest that Nellie's Samosas are great. The last thing I needed was a samosa stand on my way to where I park my car during working hours. I'll be tasting samosa for the remainder of my summer drives home.

The other bonus is that there are a number of great restaurants in the area. You can eat 3000 calories for lunch without even walking a city block (The Surgeon General recommends against this, however).

I didn't take a ton of pictures. You'll have to visit to take in the full experience.

Pearl Market

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