27 July 2008

Otero's Food Bar

Otero's Food Bar is a salad bar in Downtown Columbus that features vegetarian sandwiches and (occasionally) soup. The salad bar is decent if you want to assemble your own lunch. The prices are relatively inexpensive.

The vegetarian wrap was a spinach wrap with peppers, tomato, onion, cucumber, mushroom and your choice of olive oil or basil garlic mayo. It was served with potato chips.

The salad bar has five different types of lettuce and spinach, as well as a wide variety of vegetables, accoutrements and dressings. It isn't markedly better than the average neighborhood salad bar. Otero's is a lighter, more herbivorous lunch option than some of its neighbors.

If you want to make your own salad, this may be your place Downtown. The sandwich was average. The atmosphere is nondescript, with simple wooden tables, a solid steel salad bar and a few televisions tuned to the news. I much prefer Tip Top, Due Amici, El Arepazo and Rad Dog in this area to Otero's. The food was decent. The problem is that the competition in the area offers more bang for the buck.

Otero Food Bar