26 January 2009

Details Minibar and Lounge

Details is the new (or new-ish) café by acclaimed chef Richard Rosendale. It's located right next door to the eponymous gastronomic experience that is Rosendale's, and the self-described "minibar and lounge" feature small plates and comfort food.

The offerings are not as flashy as the food at Rosendale's, but the low prices allow diners who can't afford the pricing of the formal restaurant to sample inexpensive fare prepared to the same exacting quality specifications.

Chef Rosendale is arguable Columbus' most noted food personalities. Check out some of his various accomplishments (World Culinary Olympic Champion, the Bocuse D'Or, Top 10 restaurants in the Dispatch, etc.). I previously dined at Rosendale's, and the meal was absolutely amazing.

There are actually a number of vegetarian items on the menu. The Tuscan bread salad, the antipasto plate, the eggplant caponatta and the cheese plate are all vegetarian items that can be ordered as starters or as tapas. There are a number of other bar snacks available as well. The caponatta is a chunky spread made from Italian eggplant, tomato, onion and capers served with toasted bruschetta chips and spinach.

The vegetarian sandwich is called the Garden. It's a portabella and mozzarella sandwich on amazing ciabatta. The flavor is fleshed out with sprouts and sweet red peppers in balsamic vinegar and a savory avocado basil pesto. The sandwich is absolutely delicious.

Diners can order from the menu. There is also a Details degustation (called "the Detailed experience") that can be prepared to vegetarian specifications. The Detailed experience takes place in the upper level of the restaurant, and reservations are recommended. The extra bonus is the fact that diners get to interact with the chef, who explains the nuances of each course (the chef de cuisine at Details is Drew Garms, a young protege of Richard Rosendale with an impressive culinary pedigree).

The beverage menu is a scaled down version of the offerings at Rosendale's. There is a great selection of sparkling and still wines by the glass (I'm in love with the La Nerthe Chateauneuf du Pape as a by-the-glass option!) and bottle. There is a great roster of craft beers as well as an entire menu of mixed drinks that go from cookie cutter (gin martinis and margaritas) to off-the-wall (the Monkey gland, a blend of Tanqueray 10 gin, apricot brandy, orange juice and Pernod).

A couple of haute establishments in Columbus (e.g. Rosendale's and Dragonfly) are trying new enterprises that feature items with a more blue-collar price point. Details, like Rosendales, is a home run that fits in the price range of the everyday restaurant customer.


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deraj1013 said...

Apparently Chef Drew is no more. :(