12 January 2009

Thurman Cafe

Thurman Café in German Village didn't need a visit from a television show devoted to eating gargantuan amounts of food for sport to generate a buzz. Thurman has done well enough coasting on its reputation as Cbus' go-to burger joint for the past six decades to eliminate the need for free publicity (although the effect on business was probably much appreciated).

Vegetarians get an extra boost; Thurman Café makes sure to offer a grilled vegetarian sub for those who don't partake in flesh food, and it is every bit the caloric thrill of its carnivorous cousins on the menu. This is not a vegetarian sandwich for the vegan health nut. Rather, it is a cheesy blend of lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom, black olives and banana peppers slathered in Italian dressing and mayo on a hearty sandwich roll, and it is not for the timid. Like most items at Thurman, it makes a complete mess while you eat it, making your meal as athletic as it is savory. The experience of wearing your dinner is sometimes referred to as being Thurmanized

There are a number of vegetarian starters, including the hand cut fries, cheese sticks and fried pickles. There are also vegetarian pizzas.

I tried the fried pickles. They were battered spears that were more or less like carb-laden Vlassic pickles. I usually enjoy fried pickles, but I found Thurman's version to be fairly banal.

The beer selection is fairly standard issue, although a trip to the bar is almost compulsory when you are waiting for a table. I had the Leinie seasonal. The place is small, but they typically burn through business at a rapid fire pace. Drinks somehow make the wait seem minutes shorter.

Thurman Café is fairly easy to locate since it is on the street in the name of the restaurant. People somehow always seem to find Thurman after a bout of heavy drinking. Maybe there's a connection there somewhere. Maybe not. But there definitely is a vegetarian sub.

Thurman Cafe

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