22 January 2009

High Beck free pizza

It isn't the healthiest or the vegetarian-est option, but free pizza Monday at High Beck Tavern is difficult to beat for value. Many of the specialty pizzas are heavy on the meat, but cheese pizza still pours out of the kitchen at a frenzied pace. You might have to wait a minute for vegetarian pizza options, but as long as you drink, eventually you'll find something to eat.

Buy a few beers, make nice with the staff, and I'm sure they'll work on a meatless pizza to keep you at the bar. The pizza is medium thick and chewy. The sauce has a bright acidity, and the cheese is piled on. Grated cheese and crushed red pepper are available as garnishes. Draft beers include Goose Island Pale Ale, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, Stella Artois and Guinness, and there are also tons of liquor and mixed drink options. Whatever you wash it down with, nothing tastes better than free pizza.

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