02 September 2009

Restaurant Week Vegetarian

For the second time this year, Dine Originals Columbus is presenting Restaurant Week. From September 7-13, 40 restaurants are featuring some form of a tasting menu for $20.09 or $30.09.

I scoured the menus for vegetarian options. There could be more options than what I list here. But these ones definitely caught my eye:

Essentially everything on the menu appears to have a vegetarian option. The total damage is $30.09 for three courses.

The options from Katzinger's include an eggplant, mozzarella and tomato jam sandwich and a choice of salad and dessert for two people for a grand total of $20.09.

Nothing Better to Do Review

The house salad is vegetarian and the soup appears vegetarian (check first; don't quote me on that one). The entree is sun-dried tomato and marscarpone cheese ravioli. The panna cotta dessert is made with gelatin, making it inappropriate for vegetarians. The other two desserts on the $30.09 prix fixe menu are vegetarian-safe.

For $20.09, two people get two salads, a pizza to split and two desserts.

Nothing Better to Do Review

The $30.09 prix fixe features three vegetarian starters, eggplant parmigiana as an entree and three different desserts.

Nothing Better to Do Review

Dinner for two costs $30.09. You get a choice of red bean hummus or jalepeƱo poppers as a shared appetizer. The Surly Girl pizza is vegetarian. Dessert is two cupcakes.

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For $30.09, the vegetarian options include a spinach or mozzarella caprese salad, spinach, mushroom and pea ravioli, and three desserts that are vegetarian-safe.

The menu at Tutto Vino provides plenty of options for vegetarians. For $30.09, two diners get a choice of a cheese plate or salad and can build their own gourmet pizza. For an extra $20.09, they can also build their own five-choice wine flight.

Nothing Better to Do Review

Black Creek Bistro features four courses for $30.09. The appetizer options are squash au gratin or chili rellenos. All three salads are vegetarian. There is a squash-based entree. The vegetarian dessert is a melon granita.

Nothing Better to Do Review

The $30.09 menu buys a cheese plate, two pizzas and two glasses of sangria.

The three-course menu includes a house salad, pesto ravioli and a choice of desserts.

Nothing Better to Do Review

I'm sure I'll have a few entries posted during Restaurant Week. Check back for updates.


amanda77kr said...

Trattoria Roma's salads are sumptuous! Made it here for Restaurant Week, and last time, too. Double yum.

deraj1013 said...

That's one of many on my radar. It's too bad I can't go everywhere.