23 March 2008

Pita Hut -n- Grille

I love Middle Eastern food about as much as Middle eastern food loves vegetarians. The sandwiches, sides, salads and spreads make for a healthy, delicious way of dining.

The reason why I stopped in the

Pita Hut on the way home from work is because they actually open at 10 am. I got off work a little after 10 am and I was driving around Columbus looking for somewhere to eat an early lunch since I had already eaten an early (4 am) breakfast. Sure enough, the Pita Hut answered my prayers.

One of the keys to healthy and delicious dining is the root of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil. Pita Hut applies olive oil liberally to dishes, including my starter, baba ganoush. Baba ganoush is a roasted eggplant spread scooped up with warm pita bread. Anybody can make hummus; it takes a true artist to make good baba. The faint smokiness offsets the rich quality of the dip, making it a great starter.

The other key to the Middle Eastern dining experience is the falafel sandwich. While falafel by itself makes for a tasty treat, it reaches its zenith when it is combined with a pita, tahini sauce, vegetables and a cornucopia of other items. Some people like hummus, some like hot sauce; whatever your flavor, falafel sandwiches are the street cart fare of the stars.

Pita Hut's falafel sandwich starts with a whole pita opened at the top. The pita is coated in hummus before a pile of lettuce, tomato and pickle are added. The falafel is crammed inside while the tahini sauce is drizzled on the top. It is hot, delicious and filling.

It's difficult to spend a ton of money at Pita Hut. The online coupons make it even more difficult. The restaurant is designed more for take out than dining in, but there are enough spots to seat about 25. It is located next to Bob's Bar if you are familiar with the area.

Check out the pictures below, and if you have a hankering for a quality falafel sandwich, Pita Hut might be right up your alley.

Pita Hut

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