18 March 2008

The Sexiest Vegetarian franchise

PETA has expanded their sexiest vegetarian award to recognize people who don't have talent agents promoting their candidacy for World's Sexiest Vegetarian. The winners of the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door were some douchebag named Chris (who cares?) and the lovely Shona Barnthouse from Utah.

I follow these awards religiously. I'm still upset that I haven't been nominated or recognized as the world's sexiest vegetarian. Perhaps I was too famous to qualify for the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door. But I'm voting for myself on the next go-round.

As recognition of her talents, Shona won a weeklong trip to Maui for herself and a friend. Let me be the first to volunteer to be your friend Shona. I can rub suntan lotion on your back as we sip piƱa coladas on the beach enjoying vegetarian Polynesian eats. It would be a hell of a time. Call me.


Shona said...


Hey Dera! If you can fight my mother for the trip to Hawaii... you can be my 'friend' I take to Hawaii! ;-)

deraj1013 said...

Mom is always a tough one to beat. She gave birth to you, which is more than I can say I've done for you. Although maybe I could talk her out of it. You'll have to give me some advice on how to tell Mom she'd rather I get out to the islands to work on my tan while she waits at home. Maybe next time.