03 March 2008

The Prince Fielder diet

The beefcake 1st baseman of the Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder dropped a pile of meat on the plates of unsuspecting media members at the end of last month: the 260-pound slugger is now a vegetarian.

Fielder's physique suggested that there was almost nothing that he wouldn't eat, but he started batting from the veggie side of the plate after reading a book his wife gave him that described the cruel methodologies employed to slaughter animals.

As a Cubs fan, I can't hope that the diet improves the Prince's already bloated statistics. I will, however, hope that the carnivorous Carlos Zambrano plunks you with a hard four-seamer before he takes you out to dinner at Green Zebra, Alice & Friends or the Blind Faith Cafe so there's no hard feelings. Enjoy the lifestyle while you simmer over your new contract.


Matt Delaney said...

Ever since I started reading your blog and saw all the pics of great vegetarian food - I've severely cut back on my meat and have even gone weeks at a time without it. I'm still tettering back and forth over that line, but eventually I think I'll fully commit and never look back.

Just wanted you to know what a positive impact this blog is having.

deraj1013 said...

I'm glad to hear. I've been lucky because I've been in Chicago, Athens and Columbus for the last decade, so veggie eats are easy to come by.