15 March 2008

ESPN censorship

So I realized while I was sending out an email to the members of my fantasy baseball league on ESPN that they edit all words out that contain a swear word. They censored the word bypass in my email because like 75 other words in the English language, it ends with the letters A-S-S.

What gives? What if I have to ask somebody on the league message board what kind of influence Dick Pole will have over a young player's career? Maybe I think that some guy is a 21st century version of Johnny Dickshot, and I need to communicate it to a league member to get a trade brewing. He isn't going to know who Johnny *%#$shot is. That's a problem. I should be free to say Dick Pole and Johnny Dickshot whenever I damn well please.

And what if Paul Assenmacher comes out of retirement? I won't even be able to trade Chen Ming Wang for him, because ESPN will censor my trade request.

Whatever. My last draft pick this year will be none other than Rusty Kuntz. Let's see them try to put a clamp on old Rusty.


Anonymous said...

lol, aside from making me extremely hungry, and ashamed for not having enough discipline(currently) to go fully vegetarian, - you rule.

deraj1013 said...

Don't think of it as discipline. Think of it as a bitter disdain for animal flesh.