22 November 2008

Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger is the latest pan-Asian hot spot to spring up in Columbus during the last year. Blue Ginger features a multinational menu that jumps all over the Asian continent. There are Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes on the menu.

The restaurant decor is modern and relatively formal. Blue Ginger serves beer, wine and sake. They have a liquor license pending. The mango saketini was delicious, making me not miss the hard liquor license at all.

I tried the edamame as an appetizer. The simple soybean becomes an addictive treat when it's boiled in sea salt. They call edamame Japanese peanuts for a reason. They are really that good and really that addictive.

The vegetarian sushi plate is one of the best I've ever had. There are a wide variety of different vegetable combinations wrapped with rice and seaweed. There were avocado rolls, carrot rolls, a number of rolls made with pickled vegetables, as well as a lightly fried rice dumpling and a mountain of ginger and wasabi. The presentation made the rolls almost too beautiful to eat. Luckily I closed my eyes, and they went down just fine (picture me smiling, fat and sarcastic).

There are also a number of noodle dishes that can be made with tofu on the menu. Overall, Blue Ginger has a wide variety of vegetarian options, and the food, service and experience are excellent.

Blue Ginger
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Ferg said...

What a great find! I must have driven by the Blue Ginger a hundred times and never noticed it. Went on a Saturday night and there was a light crowd (maybe 3 tables occupied) but the food was the best I have had in a while. We tried the veggie sushi and you are right that it’s almost a shame to eat it because it looks so good. We also tried the sweet potato roll and it was even better!! The owners were present and they were genuinely friendly and took pride in the dishes they served. We also had the Pad Thai and Singapore noodles and were equally impressed. They do offer a happy hour with ½ priced rolls from 2:01 to 5:59 weekdays. I remember this only because of the odd times they posted. Thanks for your great reviews… keep them coming!