21 November 2008

Fiesta Mariachi

Fiesta Mariachi is another of the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all Mexican eateries that dot this great nation of ours. If you GPS Fiesta Mariachi, it might take you to the old location. Don't sweat--the newer digs are right down the street.

There are about 8 vegetarian combos on the menu. There are complimentary chips and salsa, as well as frozen and on-the-rocks margaritas in a variety of flavors. There are a few top shelf tequila brands.

My entree was a tostada, a bean enchilada and a quesadilla. It resides in about the same neighborhood of quality as El Vacquero and Las Margaritas. Fiesta Mariachi does offer vegetarian items on its menu, but it isn't necessarily a destination worth seeking out. If I was in the area, I'd definitely go to Talita's.

Fiesta Mariachi

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