21 November 2008

Taco del Mar

West coast chain Taco del Mar is taking root in the Central Ohio area. There is a location in New Albany and a location in Canal Winchester. The Seattle-based chain makes its name with its signature fish tacos, but they actually have a pretty good array of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu for non-pescatarians.

The decor is faux-tropical and the soundtrack is Jimmy Buffet and related acts. The food is made in front of you a la Chipotle or Subway.

The mondo burrito is pretty large, even by Chipotle standards. There is an option for additional charge that drowns the burrito in enchilada sauce and cheese (I said yes to this option). Del Mar offers a standard palette of vegetables, salsas, cheese and sour cream with which to build a burrito. I didn't see it, but there are supposed to be different tortillas available (spinach, tomato and the like).

Honestly, I couldn't even finish the burrito because of its inordinate size. It was comparable to Chipotle, Qdoba, Baja Fresh and related properties in both construction and proportion. The prices make Taco del Mar a good option for a quick lunch.

Most items on the menu have vegetarian options. There are tacos, burritos and quesadillas alongside chips, dips, beans and rice. Despite the seafood bias, Taco del Mar actually does have a number of decent choices for vegetarians.

Taco Del Mar

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