18 November 2008

Zamarelli's Pizza Palace

Zamarelli's in Grove City is a small, family-owned pizza shop in Grove City. The crust is thin. The menu is pretty basic. Zamarelli's only takes cash and they do not deliver, so plan accordingly.

The best part about Zamarelli's pizza is that they have great crust. It is flaky with a hint of butter. Although it's thin crust, it is a little thicker than the traditional crispy cracker crust. The sauce is nice. The vegetable toppings were adequate. The peppers and onions were good. The mushrooms were bad--they were definitely canned.

The menu also features a vegetarian lasagna. Zamarelli's didn't make my favorite pizza, but maybe the pastas would be worth a shot if you were in a pinch.

Zamarelli's Pizza Palace

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Andy said...

I love this place!