10 November 2008


Ho-Toy is a Thai/Chinese restaurant in the heart of Downtown Columbus. The place makes its name with inexpensive take-out that it fires out with rapid precision. There is a deceptively large dining room on two floors; the swarm of worker bees in the area takes ample advantage of the to-go menu.

The menu at Ho-Toy is very vegetarian friendly. There are almost 20 different vegetarian entrees in addition to a few vegetarian appetizers. Entrees are available in small and large sizes. The decor is plain and unspectacular.

I started with the vegetable egg roll. It was deep fried crispy brown with a cabbage, carrot, and onion filling drowned in a sea of hot mustard.

My entree was a basil curry tofu. Pan fried cubes of tofu were tossed in an earthy sauce with hints of citrus, green herbs and red pepper. There are onions, water chestnuts, green peppers, mushrooms and carrots in the dish. You can specify a heat level (I always go hot!). The small portion is less than $6. My total bill was less than $9 with a drink.

The quality of Ho-Toy is decent. This isn't the kind of place you go for the high-class experience. Rather, Ho-Toy features tasty food for fair prices, and they can get diners in and out in a rapid fire manner.

Ho Toy

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