28 March 2009

Dragonfly Seder Dinner

If you're looking for Passover dinner that is both vegan and mekhaye, you need look no further than Dragonfly. From an email...


Rabbi Izzy (the chef's Dad) takes the 'stage' along with his better half and co-host Moriah (Mom) for THE 2ND SEDER on Thursday 04.09, an entertaining and satiating evening of neo-kvetching and retelling of the Spring Passover story of 'slavery into freedom' followed by a delicious feast and lots of excellent kosher wine, and soundscapes including Matisyahu's Youth, David Gould's Adonia in Dub, and Ben Perowsky's Camp Songs.

The dinner includes a buffet of traditional (and some not so traditional) Passover dishes, The atmosphere is like a large family dinner. Magdiale prepares his own matzoh, truffled matzoh ball soup, pate 'gelfite fish style', french trumpet mushroom fricasse with 'make you wail' horseradish sauce, potato kugel, and chocolate covered macaroons whoopie pie style.

Kids and families are especially welcome and encouraged to reserve. There are plenty of kid's activities including the tradition of hiding the afikoman; a ritual where the kids 'steal' a special piece of matzoh from the Rabbi and negotiate a ransom for its return.

In addition the gallery becomes a large playroom with plasma cars, scooters, toys, and games.

For those wanting a quick grab and go ON THE FLY will be serving matzoh ball soup all week.

Reservations for the event are required. For details please contact Dragonfly @ 2989986 or visit the website www.dragonflyneov.com

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