16 March 2009

Milo's Deli

Milo's Deli and Cafe is a busy little breakfast and lunch spot in the Franklinton neighborhood. They keep what I like to refer to as Downtown hours (they close at 3 pm).

The volume of business makes it so that your order takes a little time to complete. The food is good enough to make it worth the wait.

Milo's features an armada of sandwiches from paninis to subs to pitas to wraps alongside classic deli staples like pasta salads, potato chips and pickles. Vegetarian selections are well represented on the menu.

The vegetarian sandwich options include two egg salad options (even though I wouldn't eat egg salad if you paid me, some ovo-vegetarians love mayo and huevos), a tomato and mozzarella sandwich, a grilled veggie panini, a four-cheese and tomato grilled cheese, a hummus veggie and olive pita sandwich and a hummus veggie sub.

The grilled veggie panini was great. Griddled Italian bread contains grilled onions, mushrooms, green and red peppers, zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes with melted Swiss and provolone cheese and a side of marinara sauce. The sweetness of the tomato sauce brightens up the earthy, grilled notes of the veggies and the savory nature of the cheese. It is served with chips or pretzels and a pickle. A side dish and drink are available for an additional $3.25.

Side dishes include a number of different salads, both on the green side (salads like the Greek Village salad) and the starchy side (pasta salads, including ones made with colorful ravioli). There are also other side dishes including hummus.

Milo's Deli features breakfast, which I have not tried. It is available from 7 am until 10 am. They also have a delicious looking dessert case.

Milo's Deli
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