20 March 2009

High Beck Tavern

High Beck Tavern is the quintessential neighborhood bar with pub grub to match. The atmosphere is classic, the staff is friendly and the food pairs well with the selection of taps.

The menu isn't particularly vegetarian friendly. However, the menu includes a veggie sandwich, a hummus plate, nachos and pizza for the vegetarian-inclined diner.

The veggie sandwich is made on a white sub roll. Mushrooms, peppers and black olives are grilled with provolone cheese. The sandwich is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers and a creamy dressing. It is served with a pickle and fries. While the sandwich was good, the fries were rather greasy.

High Beck is a great place on Monday nights. If you buy a drink Monday nights, pizza is free. While not all of the pizza is vegetarian, cheese pizza comes out all night long, and veggie pizzas make more sporadic appearances. Buying a few beers is a small price to pay for free pizza.

High Beck

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