02 March 2009

Phat Wraps

Phat Wraps is a quick, convenient lunch spot in the South Campus area that features wrap sandwiches. The extra flair at Phat Wraps is that you get to add your own toppings and sauces at a build-it-yourself bar, allowing you to craft a wrap constructed to your own personal specifications.

The menu is Philip Glass minimalistic. There is one vegetarian wrap, and it features a grilled soy patty. I also added melted mozzarella. I didn't ask if the patty was vegan or if it contained egg or dairy. Without the patty (or with the patty if it's vegan), it should be simple to build a vegan wrap.

The topping bar is pretty nice. There is lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, chives, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, red and white onions, scallions, jalepeƱo peppers, limes, basil and cilantro. There is also an armada of sauces. Phat Wraps' sauces are mayo, spicy mayo and spicy chili sauce. There are also scores of brand name condiments.

I piled jalepeƱos, chili sauce and Sriracha on my sandwich alongside a pile of veggies. In the past, I've often found that any food can be drastically improved by drowning it in Sriracha. Try it in a stir fry or in your coffee or on your ice cream. I'm sure they'll all be delicious (as was my wrap).

Phat Wraps also is committed to the environment. The take-out containers are biodegradable, as is the disposable cutlery. The beverages are limited to vitamin water and vitamin-less water. There are also chips and vegan cookies.

The food at Phat Wraps is fun and flavorful. It's hardly a four-star destination, but you can be finished with lunch in 15 minutes and not get overloaded with trans fat and MSG.

Phat Wraps

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Anonymous said...

Phat Wraps was an extraordinary experience...The place is small, but like their Wrap, full of color, flavors and tastes. The freshly cut limes, herbs, carrots, baby spinach ...was a great change to typical fast foods that provide greasy, fried options. Better than Chipotle...and their unauthentic burrito with too much beans and rice and a trickle of lettuce and meat. The steak wrap was Phat and juicy! The cheese was crispy and added a very nice element. Im a Phat Wrap Head and feeling good about what I ate....Thumbs way up!!

jazzyb said...

The Vegan Wrap is 100% "Vegan"....it is a soy product from Viet Nam...Very flavorful!!!! PWraps was recommended by some friends, and I eat there frequently!!! Words cant describe what you can create yourself with the option of veggies, herbs and aresenal of sauces....

deraj1013 said...
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deraj1013 said...

Good to know. I like both places (this one and Lac Viet at North Market) because they have such tasty fare for vegetarians.