22 September 2007


After work today, I took a magic carpet ride over to Bexley for lunch. While I was in Crapital Country, my flying carpet dropped me off at Aladdin's Eatery.

Aladdin's is a chain with locations in six states. They don't, however, serve crap fast food. The focus is on healthy Middle Eastern cuisine with a few extra wrinkles.

Aladdin's is not entirely vegetarian, but there are many options on their menu that are vegetarian-friendly.
Some of the best main courses are the sandwiches, which are served in pita bread. They come rolled (which is smaller) and stuffed (which is a whole honking pita stuffed with salad and accoutrements). The stuffed pitas are so big that they are a meal by themselves. You might want a side or an appetizer with the rolled pita sandwich. I tried the hummos falaffel rolled pita while considering the arbitrary nature of Arabic spelling.

The vegetarian chili, pictured above, was also excellent. Aladdin's also offers salads, dips, grape leaves, pita pizzas and various non-alcoholic drinks, including juices, smoothies, tea, coffee and pop. Enjoy the pictures below, and if you go to the location in Bexley, be sure to urinate on the Capital mascot before you leave town...or if not, check out one of the many other locations.


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