12 September 2007

Jena 6

I'm on a roll addressing racism and prejudice today. Hopefully the Jena 6 trial is the last time I have to address the issue tonight.

This case seems to be ignored or buried by the mainstream media but is passionately defended by independent publications. The story involves six African American students who were defending themselves from a majority town menace that threatened the students with nooses and loaded firearms. The event transpired because of space under a tree that was understood to be a white kids hangout. The black students are charged with second degree murder (two students had the second degree attempted murder charges dropped while one had the assault charges upheld) while the white students who incited the events got off with a three day suspension.

Only in Louisiana and crappy music blogs like Badminton Stamps is prejudice like this acceptable. Hopefully the prosecutor sees the error of his ways and reduces the charges for an incident that was a school fight that sprung out of control because of poor oversight. Sign a petition and let the Justice Department hear your voice loud and clear: This injustice in unacceptable.

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