17 September 2007

Benevolence Cafe

There isn't enough good will in the world. People are fast to complain about anything and everything. The world needs more kindness, more (dare I say it?) benevolence. While spite and misfortune will endure in the world, at least there is an oasis of respite in the city that goes by the name of Benevolence.

Benevolence is a vegan bakery that makes numerous vegetarian dishes. It is located on West Swan Street in the Short North, and if you didn't know exactly where to look, you might walk right past this cozy little cafe on your way to the doctor's office. This place is worth locating because they have excellent lunch specials that allow you to group soup, salads and/or sandwiches into the combo of your choice. Benevolence is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I couldn't refuse the falafel sandwich (pictured above), which came with tahini dressing and was served with cucumbers, lettuce and onions on a whole grain bread. As a special side note, all breads in Benevolence are vegan, although some other items are prepared in a less strict vegetarian manner. There is the option of soup or salad along with a sandwich, and the soups change daily. I tried an East Indian stew, which was a medium spicy ginger and coconut broth loaded with green beans, potatoes, peas, lentils and mushrooms.

Other soups included curried ginger cous cous, gazpacho, tomato and carrot bisque, Samdhar curried lentil and cream of mushroom. Other sandwiches include the veggie sloppy joe and the baked tofu sandwich. Dinner specials also include lasagna and tofu stroganoff, both of which are served with a free side salad or cup of soup.

The cafe/bakery is also a green establishment. They recycle all take out items, clean with environmentally sound materials and stick to the basic philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Spread good will and try out Benevolence. Enjoy my benevolence in posting the photos of Benevolence below.



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The Dispatch is reporting that Benevolence has closed.

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