15 November 2007

Carfagna's Kitchen

Carfagna's the grocery store has given birth to Carfagna's the restaurant. The traditional Italian eatery offers dine in and take out options served up in a very casual fashion.

The grocery store prominently features a deli. The restaurant is less carni-centric than its meaterrific cousin (although the grocery also features pasta sauces, select produce and a fairly comprehensive Italian wine selection). They make pasta, pizza, soup, salad and (no vegetarian) sandwiches.

The pasta dishes come with a side salad that consisted of the typical crudites in an Italian vinaigrette. I ordered the rigatelli arrabbiato (pictured above), which was a pile of large, ridged pasta tubes served in a spicy marinara sauce. The name of the sauce comes from the Italian word angry (arrabiata), and the peppers angrily shine through the brightly flavored tomato sauce. The pasta order also came with a small, nondescript piece of garlic bread.

There are many other vegetarian pasta selections, including a gorgonzola fettuccine alfredo, vodka sauce pasta, cheese ravioli tortellini and manicotti, gnocchi in tomato cream sauce and fried mac and cheese. The portions are almost big enough to share, and the prices are relatively cheap. I spent $9 for the pasta with all the trimmings and a large drink.

The pizza was very good. There is a traditional wood burning oven that makes medium thick crust pizzas. The crust is buttery, and some of the toppings are exquisite. Some vegetarian options (sorry, vegans) include a veggie pizza with sweet onions, roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms, roma tomatoes and mozzarella, the straight cheese pizza, five different veggie-friendly white pizzas, margherita pizza, Mediterranean pizza with red peppers, kalamata olives, spinach and pine nuts, as well as a goat cheese and spinach pizza.

There is also a decent selection of wine available by the bottle and glass, in addition to beer and soft drinks. The prices and the service speed make it more attractive lunch option, but the wine probably makes it a cool option for dinner.

Check out the pictures below...and check out the pizza for me.

Carfagna's Kitchen

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