28 November 2007

Sue Like a Real American

When it rains on the Hogan family, it pours on the Hogan family! First his son gets in trouble, and now Mrs. Hogan (actually Linda Bollea) is filing for divorce from Hulk Hogan, asking for massive alimony and real estate settlements from the troubled entertainer. Who knows how it's going to shake out, but I'm guessing that season 5 of "Hogan Knows Best" should be a doozy.

President Musharraf is now former-General Musharraf. Many doubted that he would step down from the position in order to begin civilian rule. Now he has to try and work his way through the unrest in his country and the crisis of leadership that is brewing in his nation. It's too bad American citizens will be unable to reap the benefits of having their chief executive relinquish his role as military commander anytime soon.

Bad news continues for Blackwater in Iraq with the newest lawsuit accusing the hired goons of being hopped up on Chris Benoit levels of steroids. I wonder if they are being sued by Mrs. Hogan's lawyers.

Slate continues to slather the Web with multimedia election projects including a candidate map related to campaigning, rating previous candidate experience (both claimed and actual), interactive and constantly updated polls by state and country, candidates by cartoon coverage, an index of candidates separated by political futures values, candidates by cartoon, and the one-stop shop election scorecard that features any number of articles, videos and other random election element that will fill your 2008 election jones. It's only 341 days until you get to pick Bush II's replacement...much like Santa Claus, it's getting closer every minute.

Even though Fox News is reporting that recent developments have closed the door on fetal stem cell research, the jury is still out on that one. Who ever knew the Fair and Balanced Express would take a biased approach to news reporting?

Finally, in technology news, Microsoft Vista performance sucks compared to a service pack upgraded version of Windows XP. As reported many times before in this blog: Microsoft Vista is not good.

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