01 November 2007

It Was Good to Have Known Yu's

I was saddened to learn that last night was the final curtain call for Yu's Fusion Bistro in Lewis Center. This place was a fantastic concept in a less than ideal location, and it's a pity that last night was the last time I'll get to dine at this quality establishment.

Yu's carefully crafted Asian fusion cuisine. Unfortunately, they were tucked away in a plaza on Route 23, far away from the mainstream. The place wasn't visible from the intersection of 23 and Powell for anybody without eagle eyes. If they were located in the Polaris area, or even better, in the Short North, this place would have had people lined up out the door. For those who missed Yu's, it's too bad you just drove by the spot.

The bartender was an absolute talent. He does not drink, but he carefully considers flavor profiles to create drinks with complex tastes that compliment the cuisine. The mangotini was delicious. The lychee saketini, made from gin, sake and lychee liqueur, was divine, as was the pomegranate cosmopolitan.

The food was as good as the drinks, too. I started with the vegetarian spring roll. The presentation of a dish commonly prepared at other eateries was elevated by the with cool rice noodles at Yu's.

I was even impressed with the black and white scallops, so much so that even though I wouldn't eat them, I would photograph them.

My main entree was a spicy tofu (pictured above), and it was absolutely outstanding. The carrots, onions and pea pods were also in the dish. It was excellent.

It is too bad that that this is the last time I'll get to dine at this place. Some of the employees will move to Windchimes Chinese Restaurant, which shares the same ownership if not the carefully crafted menu. Hopefully the concept can be reborn in another place with better success. Unfortunately, all that lives on is the memories and the pictures below. Check out the pictures.


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Anonymous said...

I loved that place. I am so bummed it closed!