06 November 2007

The Larry King Show

It's official...Larry King is a feeble, old fool. The poor septugenarian is suing some hucksters who swindled him out of millions in life insurance scams. The case documents make Larry King look like a textbook mark in a con game. His interviews don't make him look much better. Pity the pathetic, senile dolt!

Pakistan continues to spin into chaos after President/General/Comandante/CEO of Pakistan, Inc./ All-Around-Good-Guy Pervez Mussharraf suspended elections and implemented emergency rule. When Bush hijacked an election and violated the rule of law, Americans barely blinked. It's good to see somebody standing up in Pakistan to Musharraf, the devil we know in the region rather than the devil we don't that will replace him. How will this nation address the problem? Look for either Pakistan to hold elections to appease critics in Washington, or Bush will suspend elections domestically in 2008 a la Musharraf in order to continue his crusade on Islamofacism.

Nominee Michael Mukasey is waterboarding his way into the position of Attorney General after he agreed to uphold future Congressional law on the controversial torture tactic, passing the Senate Judiciary committee vote and virtually putting him in office before the legislative branch goes on holiday. Somebody should waterboard the spineless Democrats who jumped ship
on the blockade of Mukasey's nomination so they can appreciate his opposition to (most) torture.

At least John Conyers, One of those Dems with a spine actually is going to challenge the infallibility complex in the White House regarding the partisan U.S. attorney terminations. Who knows if anything will stick to the Teflon White House, but at least somebody is using their position in legislature to oppose the course of our rudderless nation.

Finally, at the curious intersection of media and sports issues comes the story of sound being pumped into the Colts/Patriots game Sunday afternoon. Whether Indianapolis or CBS is responsible for the gaffe, one thing is certain--the Patriots are one hell of a football team.

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